We are a family owned and operated company. As a family, our passion is going on travel adventures together. On October 15, 2015 our greatest adventure began with the birth of our baby girl, Gabriella. We were excited to have a new member of our family to share in our travel adventures! Watching the expressions on her face as she took in new sites and sounds while processing everything going on around her was fascinating to watch.

We took Ella everywhere with us, but began to realize we needed to avoid traveling during "high noon." The bright California sun would shine directly in Ella’s eyes causing her to cry or close her eyes. We needed a way to keep the sun out of her eyes so she could enjoy our travels and see the sights out the window.

We started out by trying the top selling shade devices on the market. We started with the highest rated window shades on Amazon, but the shades only covered a small portion of the window and sun still managed to get in her eyes. With the window shades installed we couldn't roll down the windows either, which was also frustrating to not be able to enjoy the fresh air. Next, we tried a canopy over the car seat, but we didn’t like how it covered the entire car seat. We couldn't see our little baby and the only views she could take in were of the fabric on the canopy. 

We needed a better solution, one that actually worked! We put our engineering and research skills to good use and created Newbie Shade. We iterated on several versions of Newbie Shade until we finally found what worked best with infant, convertible, and all-in-one car seats. We designed Newbie Shade to not have any of the flaws of the other shade devices we tried out. Newbie Shade provides full shade coverage while still allowing for the use of a backseat mirror attached to the center seat so we can still see our precious cargo. Finally, we found a way to keep the sun out of our baby’s eyes, while still seeing her precious face and enjoying fresh air with the windows down. 


Our First Newbie Shade


Pilot testing of our first Newbie Shade prototype.  Our daughter loved the smiling monkeys on the inside and would spend countless rides cooing at them.