The reviews are coming in and everyone agrees that Newbie Shade is a great way to shade your baby from the bright sun while in the car. Check out some of the reviews at the links below!


Lucie's List

Rates Newbie Shade as one of the top 17 items for keeping your baby cool this summer.


Natural Mama

"Overall I give this product 2 thumbs up, I love the versatility and the ease of use. I love that it helps to solve a problem that is real and needs solving. I love the cute patterns you can choose from. Great product, friendly company, two things I love to support!"


I'm Not a Tree Reviews

“We think the Newbie Shade is a genius idea - particularly so for infants and the under one year old set. Without the commotion from the windows this allows baby to lull to sleep more easily making road trips much more endurable.”

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Love, Mrs. Mommy

“Traveling with your baby is more comfortable and fun with Newbie Shade.”


Momma's Little Reviews & Giveaways

“Traveling with a baby in the summer can sometimes be a hassle. The Newbie Shade makes traveling a whole lot easier! Newbie Shade is designed to keep the sun out of baby’s eyes while on-the-go.


Angelica Castaneda

"NewbieShade- Our favorite baby car seat cover."


Platforms & Pacifiers

"The number one thing I like about it is that baby can still see! I’ve used blankets and other sun shades with Harper and she does NOT like not being able to see anything. I’m not really sure why but it bothers her and just makes her cry more, so the fact that with this shade she can see her brother, and me (because I usually sit in the back seat with the kids) is a THUMBS UP!"


That Mama Love

"Driving around with your baby in the middle of the day and that pesky sun gets in their eyes. It can be so hard with the car seat shade to block the sun completely! We also have tried those window shades but the sun still creeps in and you aren’t able to open their window. Sutton cries if the sun is in her face so I am so happy to have found the Newbie Shade! I saw this and immediately thought what a great idea and it is just what I was looking for!"