Frequently Asked Questions


Where can I purchase Newbie Shade?

Newbie Shade is currently only available online.  We hope to sell Newbie Shade is a store near you soon.

How can I contact Newbie Shade if I have questions?

Please email us at

How does Newbie Shade guarantee our products?

We standby our products 100%.  Please contact us with any issues you may have as we will replace your Newbie Shade due to any manufacturing defects.

What is Newbie Shades return policy?

There are very rare circumstances where faults occur in the fabrication.  If this occurs to a product you have purchased, please contact us as we will exchange the product with the same or similar design.  This warranty does not cover accidental damage or normal wear and tear.  It only applies to the original original owner.

How do I wash my Newbie Shade?

Wash your Newbie Shade in your machine on gentle cycle, in cold water.  Do not use chlorine bleach.  We suggest using an all natural detergent.  After washing, hang your Newbie Shade to dry or pop it right in the dryer on the low setting.

Remember, just like your favorite sweater, each time you wash your Newbie Shade, it may lose a bit of color.

How do I become a vendor to sell Newbie Shade?

Please contact us at

Will Newbie Shade fit in my vehicle?

Newbie Shade with the straps fully extended is 4 feet long. If the distance from the front to back headrest is less than 4 feet, then Newbie Shade will work in your vehicle. Alternate installation options to consider if the distance from the front to back headrest is greater than 4 feet is to use the side door handle as one anchor point to clasp the Newbie Shade around and the back headrest as the other anchor point.